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You’ve come to the right place!

You’re ready to start making a difference in your organization, in the lives of its members, and in your industry and community. Soft-skills training has countless benefits for everyone involved – this is the place to find out how the Reproducible Training Library (RTL) can make a difference for you!

What is Soft-Skills Training?

Organizations are People

Ha! Just kidding! But the success of an organization is determined by the people that are a part of it – and the relationships between those people. Keeping those relationships healthy and efficient will not only have an impact on your organizations success, but the well-being of all of its members.

There is No Limit to Personal Growth

Even the most technically skilled members of an organization can achieve better results with improved people skills. Soft-skills training encourages self-assessment and a focus on relationships in the workplace.

Soft skills include communication, team membership, leadership, conflict management, customer service, project management, and even creativity. They are all skills that can be used at all levels of an organization, at any time in one’s career, and in and out of the workplace.

What is the RTL?

Soft-Skills Training

The RTL is a collection of research-based programs, developed by subject-matter experts, that will improve the people skills that drive performance in a business environment.


The RTL provides a range of topics that will train every member of your organization – employees at any level, with any skill set, no matter when or how they became a member of your team.

Renewable Resource

Come back to the RTL whenever you need it – for additional sessions, refreshers, refinements, new hire training – you’ll never run dry of training resources and you’ll never stop seeing results.

Why is the Reproducible Training Library the Right Choice?

It’s Everything You’ll Need

The RTL is a comprehensive library of soft-skills training programs. The content is all there – and it’s been built by subject-matter experts. Putting the best content available into your hands is the first step to better training.

It Can be Everything You Want

The RTL is a great tool all on its own. But once you’ve made it part of your organization, it’s so much more! Customizable content means that your training can become a part of your organization – aligning with its values, speaking with its voice, and uniting its members toward the shared goal of learning and improved performance.

What do You Get?

Full Training Programs

The RTL offers full- and half-day courses that use HRDQ’s Experiential Learning Model. Research-based content is presented along with opportunities for self-assessment, action planning, and opportunities to put learning into action.

Resources to Work From and With

You’ll receive an instructor and participant guide in Microsoft Word format, a PowerPoint presentation, and supporting materials. By saving these original files, you’ll be able to make customized versions, additions, and adjustments – while remaining able to go back to the original content at your convenience.

Unlimited Reproduction License

You’ll be able to train as many (or as few) participants as you need to, whenever you need to. RTL materials can be made accessible to every member of your organization with no license or renewal fees, and no restrictions to your time frame or audience size.

How Does it Work?


When you purchase an RTL title or library, you will receive a link to download the product files. You will receive MicroSoft Word documents containing an Instructor Guide and a Participant Guide (to be reproduced), as well as an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and additional support materials.


You will print out 1 Instructor Guide for yourself or whomever is guiding the program, and 1 Participant Guide for each participant. The Instructor Guide contains instructions for timing of the presentation as well as cues for requesting participant interaction. All RTL programs are ready to use just as they are. You may, however, customize any of the documents to better fit with your organization’s branding and values.


You will be able to return to your files whenever you need to – printing additional materials, making adjustments, or sending them to participants for reviews or refreshers.

What Are the Possibilities?


You can customize the appearance of your print materials, the order of the program modules, and the language and examples presented. Combine parts of any title with other titles or programs, or use just part of a title to target the specific training needs of your audience.


Your company-wide RTL license is a one-time investment to train your entire organization. Train anyone at any time just by printing or sending an MS Word document or PowerPoint presentation. No one to fill the facilitator role? Simply distribute the training materials, and follow along with the Instructor Guide.


Everyone can improve their soft skills, regardless of their technical expertise. The RTL has comprehensive range of topics to serve the needs of everyone in your organization, and create a culture of learning that focuses on the relationships needed to maintain high performance and organizational growth.

Why Reproducible?

It’s a resource to come back to

Print all you need, but only what you need.

No licensing fees

No additional purchases, no order details or product numbers to remember when you need to re-stock.

If you choose to customize…

You can tailor your materials in different ways and print different versions – remaining able to come back to and make use of the original content.


You can send participants their materials through network, email, mobile, or LMS. You can train participants virtually through video conference, and allow them time with the materials outside of the classroom.

Why Customizable?

Seamless Presentation

Use exactly what you want in one package. Customization allows you to build the exact program you need, while keeping everything in one format – a complete and tangible takeaway for your participants (no Frankenstein training).


When you use your own branding (visuals and language) and examples, it makes your training more relatable to your participants, and allows you to control the tone and impression of your training – making it “feel” like your company to get the results your company needs.

You Know Your Team

The RTL’s content is developed by subject-matter experts. But, no one knows your organization better than you. Let your voice come through as a representative of your organizational culture and goals. Your team will respond to the values it’s been working towards when they can see them in action.

Why a Library?

You’ll Have Everything at Your Fingertips

With its comprehensive range of topics, the RTL will never leave you hunting for materials as needs arise. You’ll already be prepared for training on any set of soft skills.

It’s Always There

Because of the nature of the RTL, it can be used to train as few or as many people as you need. Its presence in your organization is a huge bank of resources for anyone who wants to learn – any individual can make use of the RTL’s proven content with or without the availability of a Facilitator or scheduled training session.

You’re Holding the Building Blocks of Improved Performance

All RTL programs come in the same format (MS Word documents and PowerPoint presentations), allowing you to make specialized programs by incorporating elements from various titles. You’ll cut down on prep time and buy-in from stakeholders by keeping your training flexible in nature, consistent in quality, and effective in time and expense.

Reproducible content that won’t break the bank. Training that breaks the mold.

Single Titles

With 75 titles to choose from, you can mix & match to suit any training needs. Each title is a full training program.

RTL programs are full training courses, designed and written by expert trainers and delivered to you as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files – giving you the opportunity to customize the content and look of the training to suit your needs. Each title comes with an Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, and slide presentation – all reproducible and for unlimited use with no licensing fees.

Covering a comprehensive range of topics, and requiring no certification, RTL classroom titles can be used to train any member of your organization on virtually any subject.

With this library of 75 titles, you’ll have ready-to-train material that can be used with as many people as you need, as often as you need, at a moment’s notice.

The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection is a library of all the resources that the RTL has to offer. A full library of classroom and e-learning programs, it includes all 75 of our titles. With the complete library, you are choosing a balanced and comprehensive bank of training resources at a very affordable price – you’ll be ready to train any employee in or out of the classroom.

What does the Ultimate Collection offer?

We’ve got you covered! Offering a comprehensive range of topics, RTL libraries have something for any and every training program.

We’ve done the work for you! The RTL is proven, effective content – developed by experienced trainers – that can be customized to suit your needs.

We’re practically giving them away! At a steep discount on single title prices, with no licensing fees, the Ultimate Collection is a truly affordable, one-time purchase of an incredible amount of material to be used over and over again.


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