“I am what I am; and that’s all that I am.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, Popeye!

Of course we all have predispositions and values that shape our behavior (we are what we are). But, self-awareness is our spinach.

Our Personal Style describes the way we prefer to gather and process information, and how we use that information to make decisions. By developing an understanding of our Personal Style, we are able to pinpoint our strengths (forearms, obviously) and weaknesses (we get jealous from time to time), and work towards better decision making.

While some of our traits and preferences are with us from birth, our Personal Style is not something that we have to work around (it’s not all that we are). We can work with our Personal Style to make ourselves better communicators, more effective team members, stronger leaders, and more efficient all around.

The Personal Style Inventory (PSI) is an assessment and training program that identifies individuals’ preference for one of 16 different personal styles and the characteristics of those styles; and explores the benefits of self-awareness and awareness of one’s teammates.

Unlike many personality style assessments, PSI measures the way we’d prefer to act – rather than the way we tend to act. While this may seem like a small difference, it is the PSI’s greatest strength. We are all influenced by those around us and the structure of our everyday environment – often, we act the way we do because it’s the way we need to act. By measuring our preference for actions, the PSI strips away circumstantial factors and reveals our natural Personal Style – the one we need to work with in order to grow and learn as best we can.

With the Personal Style Inventory (and plenty of leafy greens), you can begin the process of personal development – a process which will keep your employees, your team, and your organization strong, to the finish.


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