Halloween is tomorrow, you guys. I know. You’re all going to be Miley Cyrus. But wouldn’t it be nice if your costume matched your personality style? I think it would. So let’s figure out which classic movie monster you should be for Halloween!

Personality Style is a sum of natural tendencies that can be observed by the people around you. It’s a disposition to information processing and communication that is measured by expressiveness and assertiveness. By expressiveness, I mean the extent to which you share your emotions, and by assertiveness, I mean the extent to which you try to influence others. In the HRDQ Style Model, these dimensions define four styles – Direct, Spirited, Systematic, and Considerate – in this way:

Each style is associated with a set of traits and behaviors – some of which are displayed by our favorite classic monsters, Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Mummy.


He doesn’t rely on brute strength; he prefers a strategic approach. He makes plans and follows through with them – going so far as making real estate deals and chartering boats to get himself where he needs to be. He’s also on a strict nighttime-only schedule, which requires organization and discipline.

These traits are characteristic of the Systematic style, and correlate to low levels of both expressiveness and assertiveness.


The Wolfman is ruled by forces beyond his control – he’s passionate and excitable. His bite can create new Wolfmen to join in his excitement or it can kill people, and the only way to hold him back is to tie him down.

He’s Spirited – with high levels of both expressiveness and assertiveness.

Frankenstein’s Monster

He’s very emotional and openly reacts to fear, excitement, love, and other stimuli. He acts on impulse and doesn’t like to be pinned down. He can be seen as overly sensitive, but values relationships and interacting with others.

Frankenstein’s Monster may be made up of a variety of people, but he’s all Considerate – with a high level of expressiveness and a low level of assertiveness.

The Mummy

Mummy likes the ladies – well, really just one particular lady – and that’s all he’s interested in dealing with right now. He’s intently focused on reclaiming his lost love, and he’ll fight anyone that stands in his way. He’s goal oriented, proactive, unwavering, and interested in getting results.

These traits fit with the Direct style, correlating to a low level of expressiveness and a high level of assertiveness.

So which monster is appropriate for you? The HRDQ Style Series will help you not only help with costume selection, but other things – like identifying and utilizing your strengths and the strengths of others, relating to the people you interact with each day, recognizing and addressing areas of potential development, and approaching situations and people in the most effective way possible.

Find your style for Halloween and every day by getting started with the HRDQ Style Series right now!



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