Giving Season will soon be upon us. Whether we’re talking about annual gifts, holiday gifts, or because-it’s-been-a-hard-day gifts, people want to buy things. And you want them to buy things from you.

So, how do you make that happen? Well, lots of ways. But let’s assume that you’ve already got a great team, a great brand, and a great product. Now you have to sell it.

Selling isn’t easy – it takes time and personal investment, effective communication, negotiation, creativity . . . pretty much every soft skill you can think of. In times of stress – like the increased volume and pace faced by sales people during giving season – soft skills are the first to be tried. You won’t forget how to ride the bicycle, but you may forget to empathize with it when it’s being difficult.

With stress on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to bolster these skills – to improve performance and to make sure that your team is confident, assured, and engaged.

The Selling Essentials Pack from the Reproducible Training Library is the perfect place to start. Seven complete soft-skills training programs address the entire sales cycle and the skills needed to excel throughout. Included are:

  • Understanding the Sales Cycle
  • Prospecting and Territory Management
  • Opening the Sales Call
  • What to Ask and How to Listen
  • Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Sale
  • Developing Clients for Life
  • Coaching for Performance

All titles from the Reproducible Training Library are complete, research-based, employee training programs that are delivered to you as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files – expert training that’s fully customizable to your needs.

Put your best foot forward and keep your front line strong with a well-trained sales team that’s ready for anything.

Click here to learn more about the Reproducible Training Library and how it can help your business grow in seasons to come. [link]


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