Great customer service isn’t just present on the front lines of business – it’s an organizational value.

Of course, every job function is different, and not all of them include direct interaction with customers; but great customer service isn’t really about what to say and how to say it – it’s about developing attitudes and dispositions that lead to patterns of effective behavior and individual successes. And those, in turn, add up to organizational success.

While it is the sum of individual efforts that defines an organization with great customer service, the expectation of greatness needs to be present on an organizational level. There need to be standards and measures in place to manage individual and group performance, and to communicate a clear set of expectations. Customer service may be a client’s only experience with your organization’s brand, and should be just as high a priority as production or a sales goal.

There are many ways to establish and reinforce these expectations, including recognition, performance reviews, coaching, and formal training. These processes, though, are best prefaced with self-assessment. A self-assessment of service skills helps employees see that their own ideas of great service may not be all-encompassing – and they might be measured to a standard that they were not originally anticipating.

Becoming a Customer Service Star is a soft-skills training program that sets out a comprehensive model of customer service skills in five dimensions:

  • Feeling Positively Toward Customers
  • Encouraging Customer Feedback
  • Responding to Customer Problems
  • Developing Repeat Relationships
  • Seeking to Exceed Customer Expectations

Showing not only that these dimensions are all part of great customer service, but how an individual weighs each in their own concept of success (by their level of proficiency with each), Becoming a Customer Service Star encourages accountability for and engagement with the customer experience.

Applicable to employees in any position, Becoming a Customer Service Star will not only improve your customer’s experience, but relationships within your organization.

Why wait to make things better? Try Becoming a Customer Service Star today!


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