The mission of AAVS is to end the use of animals in science through education, advocacy, and the development of alternative methods – and there’s a reason we put education first.

AAVS strives to gather and present the most accurate and up-to-date information about the use of animals in science, so that it is available to everyone, regardless of their location, trade, or position.

Our viewpoint is that the critical and active citizen is the informed citizen – that when one possesses the knowledge of sanctioned unethical practices, he has no choice but to act in opposition.

Learn About the Use of Animals in Science

What types of research involve animals? Which animals are used? What’s wrong with using animals in research? You’ll find the answers to these questions, as well as an explanation of the laws and regulations that currently effect animals in science.

Learn about Alternatives.

Despite myriad ethical and scientific problems, the use of animals is still a very large part of scientific research. What will happen when we stop using animals? Better science, better ethics, and better results. Alternatives to animal use are the future of science, and we’re developing new methods every day.

Learn about the Issues.

The campaigns of AAVS are issues to which we devote a great amount of energy, and hope to resolve in the interest of the ethical treatment of animals and the welfare of both animals and people. Resolutions to these issues can and will be achieved with public awareness and with your support.



Active citizenship is essential to positive change. AAVS (and the AAVS family) [link to Our Work page with the descriptions of Animalearn, Leaping Bunny, and ARDF] serves, in part, as a platform for its members and supporters to voice their concerns and desires for an ethical and compassionate future.

Action Center

Make sure your representatives are representing you. Remind them that local, national, and global issues regarding animal use are important to the members of every community, and that they have the power to effect positive change. Use the AAVS Action Center to send messages directly to decision makers.

Compassionate Consumption

There are countless and wonderful companies that do not make use of animal testing or animal ingredients. You can make a difference by supporting those companies – by creating a demand for animal-free household, personal care, and cosmetic products. Make sure that your actions in the marketplace are aligned with your values – that you are using your power to shape the economy – by shopping cruelty free.

Community Involvement and Cultural Production

Whether you are a member of the scientific community or not, you can help create a culture that demands ethical science. Raising awareness can take many forms, but is simply communication.

Speak. Do you have the opportunity to speak before a group of people? At a community or school event? At work or with a hobby group? Online? Speak about what matters to you. Recognize that your voice is powerful and can help a great number of people and animals. Reach out with kindness and compassion and encourage others to do so as well.

Teach. Just as AAVS is your source for information about animals in science, you can be a resource for your community. Pass along AAVS or other animal rights publications, refer students and other educators to the Science Bank for dissection alternatives, and encourage those around you to learn about animal issues in any way available to them.

Provide. Be a model for ethical behavior. Compassionate shopping, ethical food choices, political advocacy, and charitable giving are all a part of taking action. Let others see how rewarding these behaviors can be – live well and provide for those around you keeping ethics and civic responsibility in mind as the bottom line.

Financial Support

Although education and communication are instrumental, the work of AAVS would not be possible without the financial support of its members. Your donation will make a difference – visit our donations page to find out more about how you can contribute.


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